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Rumex Oil & Cream

Rumex Oil & Cream

Useful for relief from rheumatic and joint pains. Completely made from Ayurvedic herbs, these formulations are totally free from any kind of side effects. The massage of Rumex oil improves the blood circulation in the body. Rumex oil and cream are good for providing relief to patients suffering from arthritis.

Many elderly and even young people suffer from rheumatic arthritis and joint pains. It is especially difficult for people suffering from this condition during the monsoon damp season and the winter. Dev Pharmacy has brought relief from this pain with the Rumex Oil and Cream. Made from Ayurvedic herbs and plants can provide immense relief from joint pains.

In arthritis treatment, allopathic medication generally focuses on pain reduction and controlling of the inflammation, which does not have much effect in controlling the natural cause of the disease. Most of the conventional medication resorts to treatments that have quite a few side effects and the ultimate treatment for disabling joint as a joint replacement. This has inherent health risk factors that come with surgery and is also quite costly.

The alternative treatment for arthritis is either homeopathic or ayurvedic medicine. Many experts in the field of treating arthritis and joint pain are looking towards this alternative medication since ayurvedic herbal treatments have usage of plants, which are well documented in having anti-inflammatory properties without the side effects that are common in allopathic medicines.

Since the ingredients used in Rumex Oil and Cream are natural, organic and chemical free they have no side effects and treats the joint pains by improving the blood circulation. This eventually leads to reducing in the inflammation and swelling caused in rheumatic arthritis.

The ingredients used in Rumex Oil and Cream are able to reduce the pain because of the properties it has in them like anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsing, and anti-oxidants. Some of the ingredients also have aesthetic and analgesic components that help in relieving the excessive pain that one suffers from during the winter period. Some of the herbs used in Rumex Oil and Cream also helps in increasing the mobility of the joints by increasing the blood flow and reducing the swelling of the areas.

Herbs used in Rumex Oil and Cream has certain natural chemicals those blocks enzymes that cause the inflammation and by naturally reducing the inflammation it increases the mobility of the joints and lessens the pain. Furthermore, better blood circulation also means an increase in red blood cells, which enables the body to automatically fight the diseased cells. This translates into a healthy body and mind, which has a better capacity to maintain balanced and overall well-being of an individual.

An overall well-balanced body is also able to cope better with pain because it automatically reduces the stress levels. Stress in everyday life is one of the main causes that increase chronic pain conditions. Ayurveda believes that body and mind work together and well-being of one is dependent on the other. Hence the use of Rumex Oil and Cream one can increase the blood flow in the system, which will translate into better functioning of the body and thereby decrease the pain and inflammation of the joints. Increase the mobility and natural blood circulation of the body.

Rumex Oil and Cream can be used by anyone either in the affected area or for overall message.