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About Us

The Main Focus: Total Health, Naturally

The ancient methods of Yoga and Ayurveda keep the body, mind and soul in perfect harmony with each other and the person practicing this way of life remains content and healthy.
History of medicine depicts the struggle of mankind against disease. As the civilization makes progress with which disease patterns undergo change, the medical science also changes. Ayurveda is the system of medicine that evolved in India and it has survived for millennia. The fundamentals on which the Ayurvedic system is based are essentially true for all times and do not change from era to era. These are based on human factors and on intrinsic causes. The origin of Ayurveda is attributed to Atharva Veda where several diseases with their treatments have been mentioned. Later, from 6th Century BC to 7th Century AD, there were systematic developments of the science and this period is called Samhita Period. During this era, a number of classical works were produced by several authors and during this period there is evidence of organized medical care. The book Charak Samhita is a complete compendium of medical information, dealing with medical aspects, as etiology, symptomatology, treatment and medical care in health and in disease.

The Company

Founded in 1990 with an aim of providing people with remedies to fight against common day-to-day ailments, Dev Pharmacy has become a name to reckon with. The company has re-established the values of traditional cure through its unflinching faith in Ayurveda and by providing herbal treatment to people across the world.

The Goal

The company has an immediate goal of reaching out to the farthest corners of the world to propagate the light of Ayurveda through its herbal formulations and making the lives of people of all classes healthy. As a distant goal, the company aims to rid the world of diseases through intake of herbal food and tonics.