J.D. Capsule & Syrup

J.D. Capsule & Syrup

For comprehensive cure of all problems of liver and spleen. This Ayurvedic formulation, whether in capsule form or in a syrup, is completely safe from any side effects and is useful for treating all diseases related to digestion. An increased dosage is recommended to treat stomach worms.

Dev Pharmacy has brought the solution for people suffering from liver and spleen diseases. J.D. Capsule and Syrup is an Ayurvedic medicine that is made with natural herbs and other ingredients that are organic and chemical free. This is a comprehensive medicine that can cure all problems related to liver and spleen. J.D. Capsule and Syrup being a natural product is safe for consumption by both men and women.

In Ayurveda liver and spleen disorders is the result of neglected Pandu, a metabolic disorder that is related to different types of anemia. People suffer from liver and spleen disorder because of bad food habit, overexertion, increased intake of sour and salty foods, consumption of alcohol and such that vitiate the blood. This results in different kinds of diseases of the liver and the spleen.

J.D. Capsule and Syrup treats the causes that result in Yakridvrddhi (Enlarged liver) that is the result of over-activity of the liver and causes various kinds of serious diseases. The ingredients used in J.D. Capsule and Syrup is a combination of purgative, diuretic, digestive and alkali components that can treat such a liver condition. Intake of J.D. Capsule and Syrup also helps in keeping the hepatic veins and the arterial systems in check. The inflammation and swelling of the hepatic vein result in hepatitis, which also causes the arterial system to swell.

Dev Pharmacy’s J.D. Capsule and Syrup also help with any issues related to the spleen. In a human body, the spleen filters the blood by removing damaged blood red blood cells and microbes. The spleen also produces white blood cells for a better immune system. In Ayurveda, both liver and spleen are believed to be the foundation of the body as a blood carrying channel. So it is important that both spleen and the liver are healthy in the system.

People who have enlarged spleen can suffer from pain, a sensation of heaviness and fullness on the left side of the upper abdomen. One can also experience pain on the left shoulder. Other issues that a person might suffer from enlarged spleen are fatigue, frequent infection and also frequent hiccupping. People who over-work or under stress or have a bad food habit can suffer from hypersplenism, in which the spleen is on an overdrive to clean the impurities from the blood. An overactive spleen can be quite disastrous for one’s body in the long run because eventually it tires out and cannot fight infections making the person having a weak immune system.

Thus it is vital to have a healthy liver and spleen to have a healthy body. J.D. Capsule and Syrup have ingredients that clean and detox the body from within by removing the toxic elements and improved digestive system. This eventually helps the liver and spleen to function in a balanced fashion instead of going on overdrive. J.D. Capsule and Syrup being a natural product is safe for consumption by all age groups and can be taken for deworming also.