Digesto Capsule & Syrup

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Digesto Capsule & Syrup

Dev Pharmacy is one of the trusted Ayurveda center located in Uttar Pradesh. The pharmacy manufactures various Ayurveda products that includes constitutes made from natural herbs. With years of expertise and vast knowledge on ancient medical time, our experts are able to produce best formulas for various specific health problems.

The healthy products and supplements produced by our team of experts is through extensive research and strictly under adherence. Our main focus is to deliver natural and purest medicine with no harmful effects and to maintain the overall health of the clients.

Digesto Capsule & Syrup is the best Ayurveda medicine especially invented for the people having a habit of excess eating. This habit of excessive consumption of food leads to various digestion problem such as constipation, bowel syndrome and indigestion. It blocks the movement of food inside the alimentary canal. Such dysfunction movement in the stomach leads to diarrhea and vomiting.

It is one-stop solution for people who cannot control the craze for eating and are having touch times with stomach cramps, serious gastric issues and irritable bowel syndrome. The Digesto Capsule consists of anti–inflammatory, anti-microbial and analgesic properties that provide instant relief to pain occurring due to serious gastric mucosal injury & acid secretion.

Digesto Syrup is a perfect blend of amla, ginger, barberry root, cascara sagrada and chamomile. This capsule is synergistically formulated from various natural – born herbs that boots the digestive powers of every individual. The capsule includes a proprietary mixture of ingredients that that boost and supports the entire digestive system of the person. The amla is one of the natural herbs that prevents issues related to indigestion. Secondly the ingredient used to make the medicine ginger and barberry root. The both the items give instant relief from stomach cramps, ulcers and chronic gastritis. The herb "cascara sagrada" is one of the purest and natural herbs that increase peristaltic action. Moreover, this herb can be considered has overall medicine for smooth functioning of digestive system the herb chamoline soothes and give relief from gastric and intense abdominal pain.

This Digesto Capsule & Syrup, overall relieves people from hyper acidity indigestion and also cures the heartburn and sour stomach. By consuming this Ayurveda medicine, the person is tend to receive an instant relaxing effect. Moreover, this capsule allows healthy digestive system for long term and increases the stamina and metabolism of the person in best possible way. This capsule is very effective and is free from chemicals and modern preservatives. It is strictly made from natural and pure constituents that does not leads to any kind of side effects to the consumer. Every product produced under Dev Pharmacy is strictly under observation and is formed by team of experts having goods hands of making many Ayurveda supplements under the ancient medical science.