J. D. Syrup

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J. D. Syrup

J.D. Syrup is exclusively made for people who require instant relief from problems related to liver and spleen. Both capsule and syrup is a comprehensive cure to all problems of digestion and smooth movement of liver. The J.D. Syrup is prepared with single combination of four time tested and contains clinically proved herbal medicines.

From ancient times, the liver and spleen, are treated has one of the major source of the body as it is considered to be every essential in blood carrying channel. According to Ayurveda, for smooth flow of blood, it is important for liver and spleen to function properly.

People tend to suffer from liver and spleen disorder due to their bad food habits, over consumption of alcohol, increased intake of fatty foods, sugar items and can be also due to overexertion. Such habits impair the quality of blood which leads to various diseases of the liver and spleen. This capsule and syrup heals the causes that results in problems such as enlargement of liver. The liver gets enlarged when over exertion is put on the liver. The J.D capsule and syrup consists mix of purgative, diuretic, digestive and alkali components that enhances the liver condition. The consumption of the capsule and the syrup helps in have a complete check on the normal function of the body such as hepatic veins and the arterial systems. Because, any kind of swelling of the hepatic vein can lead to hepatitis.

We also deal with many situations related to the spleen. The role of the spleen is that it filters and extracts damaged red blood cells and microbes. The spleen is very important for the body to combat as it maintains and produces the white blood cells to boost for better immunity in best possible way.

This capsule and syrup contains the perfect blend of herbal medicines such as tamarix –troup, kalmegh, bhrigarj and pittapada. The herbs helps in increasing the bile secretion, reduces the enlargement of the liver spleen as well as also give its impact in normalizing the smooth functioning of gastrointestinal tract. J. D. capsule carry famous herbal plant named sweria chirata bhumi amla which is widely used by various traditional practitioner for the treating patients suffering from jaundice and other related diseases. Moreover, it also recommended that increased dosage is also given in case to treat stomach worms.

J.D Syrup is safe to consume as it does not contain any kind of toxic substance. Both syrup and capsule is made keeping the safety and effective in mind. Any disease related to liver and spleen gives us a lifetime pain, therefore at that specific time J.D capsule and syrup can be your one stop solution. It helps the patient to get immediate and effective results.